Gary Inman

This is for the also-rans, the latecomers, the never-will-bes, the no-hopers and the backmarkers.
One of us! We accept you! Gobble-gobble.

The British flat track scene is a microcosm of that in the US. There are some very fast guys - who can go to the US and make the night programme at Daytona and with time could go much further. Then there are a lots of old geezers living out On Any Sunday fantasies. 

But because England, where most of the races take place (there is one scheduled for Wales, none in Scotland) is smaller than 31 US states (and the whole of the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are smaller than 11 states!) we're all crammed into one small area, so we see each other at nearly all the races. It makes for a great atmosphere.  And that's one of the things that makes me going back. 
The other is the feeling of backing into a corner and getting on the gas fractionally earlier than ever before and riding it out. 

I'm pretty sure I've won my last trophy, and I didn't win that many any way. 
I don't want to spend money tuning my race bike. 
I'm not getting any fitter. 
As the scene gets bigger the odd newcomer arrives who can blow me away at his very first race. 

But I really don't care. 

I love racing my bike. 

The UK season starts soon and more people are getting interested all the time. For more info go to http://www.dirttrackriders.co.uk

Gary Inman, 13R