Team Winks

Hey FTWCo,
I literally JUST got the photos from the track photographer after weeks of chasing! Let me know if the attachments don't work, as I'm trying google drive for the first time.

We have been working pretty hard on bike set-up for Simone, just getting the ZX10R dialled in. Since her big (120mph) crash, bike set-up has been a strong focus.
Fortunately a friend of ours was able to give us a great baseline setting with fork and shock springs & internals, from there it was just a matter of track time to get it all working great. After some tweeking, the last day saw her drop nearly 3 seconds which meant we had to alter set-up again. The rear just needed some rebound, but getting it to turn sharper was the issue. Through one double apex she had the knee slider on the tarmac right the way through the turn (even leaning right off the bike), as she is so little the weight of the bike was pulling it away from the apex.
As we were happier with how the bike was hooking up, we tried everything with the front that people suggest (mainly dropping the forks, and associated other tricks) to try get it to steer sharper. The best results ended up coming when I flattened the bike out at the front and adjusting the settings from there, all of a sudden her knee slider was riding the curbs at both inside apexs - sorted! For now ;-)
I see you just got an SP1? Those things are very special, particularly with the Joey Dunlop link, they sound great and make for a wicked sports bike.

I just got a v-twin myself (to replace the GSXR), which we'll be developing for racing. I'll keep you posted as soon as we have updates on that one too.
Have a great weekend.