Gary Inman

Here are a couple of images and some blurb.

I drifted through last season's racing. I'm a hobby racer, an old boy, I'm doing it for fun, but I'm keen. I try not to miss a race. In 2013, I missed the first round, because I was working at the Bol D'Or 24-hour race in France. I rode back, non-stop so I could watch my friends race, but I knew all along I was too late to get there to make the first heats. 

Ride a framer, like my old twin shock Wood Rotax, in the UK Dirt Track Riders Association and that allows you race two classes - Thunderbikes - for other framers and modified street bikes - and Restricted or Pro Class - where the old twin shockers are up against 450 DTX bikes. I'm in the restricted, having never made a Pro class final. The restricted riders and pros race together, but the points are split. You could be fourth in a heat, but win your class, because three Pro riders were ahead of you. 

Racing one class isn't enough for me, but racing two is sometimes too much. Race two classes and it means competing in two practice sessions, six heats, a semi, possibly a last chance and two finals. 

I'll be back for more in 2014. 

Thanks to Anthony and his DTRA team and sponsors for keeping flat track racing alive in the UK.

Photos: Lee Grubb, Sunil Shah, sticker art by Chris Watson for Sideburn