Warren Matthews

            What you see here is the newest rendition of the Yz400 salt racer now named the “baloney pony”. Its been awhile, well over a year actually, but hopefully I can pick up where I left off and then some. Life went all whackey on me and to quickly sum it up: moved back to Colorado but with no garage and ended up in a pretty dark place, so I joined the Army, got outta debt, moved into a better house and finally feel like I have life by the balls again. So here I am wondering if there is an opening within the ranks of FTW.
            The changes to the bike are pretty far and wide. Last time I was on the salt I spun tire at 111mph because of wind and being as emaciated as a half dead meth addict. And I looked like shit. So back to the drawing board I went. I slimmed everything down to a point where the pegs are where the bike is widest and that measures in at 19 ½”, skinny skinny skinny-suck it SoCal! With me on it, my fat-ass is the widest bit and I’m working on that too. While on the salt we added 22 lbs of concrete and got 2 mph faster, so I added 90 lbs of steel for this go around. To get my whole profile smaller I made a new “U” shaped tank and now look through the triple clamp. For a bit more power I went full-retard with the exhaust. Together with my dude at Olesen Moto we came up with a pipe that should perform a lot better with the trade off being a power band 300 rpm wide. The widest section of the pipe is 6” and total length sits around 70”, if it doesn’t do the trick, at least it looks pisser and I have an MX pipe as back up. I also enlisted my boy up in Montana, Adrien, to do the paint, he’s done a few hot rods and I think he nailed it, at least it looks faster AND matches my sweet Schwin seat!
            On paper it’ll do 141 and the record is at 137 sooooooo only time will tell at this point. 

Hope to hear from you, Warren.