Tom Kendall

Hey FTWCo -

I ran the Black River Stages rally in upstate NY this past weekend. Saturday was a complete washout. We ran six stages in the driving rain, and at night. Pretty intense and slippery as all hell. We all made it through with no crashes. Sunday was much better but pretty chilly and raw out. I managed to get most of my gear dried out at the hotel Saturday night, but still had to slip into wet MX boots in the morning. The stages were amazing. A great mix of 90mph straights, jumps, tight switchbacks, and fast sweepers. The top four of us were running within seconds of each other all day. I ended up placing 1st in the Dakar class and 2nd overall. Missed first overall again by about a minute and a half. I believe with this race I got the overall RallyMoto championship locked up, just waiting for the season results to be posted.
There's a lack of pictures floating around because of the weather. So all I have is some iphone snaps.