Scott Rounds

Hey guys,
Had myself a blast at the AMA race last weekend at Square Deal Riders. The races were pretty stacked with almost 15 riders in both of the classes I entered. We were supposed to have Friday and Saturday night races, but Friday got rained out so it turned into an all-day double-header on Saturday. The rain made the track as good as it gets, and riding all day long really helped keep the flattrack muscles tuned up. 

I had some good heat races, including a hard-earned 2nd place finish. Got a 5th place in one of the 500 Masters mains. The highlight of the night for me was the Larry Weiss memorial cup race. I didn't even know I'd signed up for it, but it turned out that the Hotrod Singles class that I was running was also the cup race. They had all 14 riders walk our bikes out onto the track, helmets off, and lined us up on the front straight. We passed around a mic for rider introductions, I got to give you guys a shout out in front of a decent crowd in the stands. I started the race from the second line, but had a decent start and passed a few guys, getting up to 7th place or so. There was a crash around the 9th lap, so we had a single-file restart, someone crashed again, we restarted again, then raced the last 3 laps. On the final lap, someone got around me and I damn nearly passed him back, but I crossed the finish line about half a bike length behind him, ending up in 8th. It was the most exciting race I've had in a long time. 

Attached photos are courtesy of Aaron Wojack (aaronwojack.com).