Michael Goni

We ran the Black turbo nitrous BSA in the MPS/PBF-750 class for the first time at Wilmington where the standing record was 122 mph.  First run out of the trailer on Saturday managed a really smooth and perfect 159mph run with a pretty strong head/quartering wind (13-20mph).  Not quite our 650 record speed at 162.5 but I was really happy considering the wind we were fighting.

Up next I ran the orange hornet in the M/PG-650 class that had a standing record of 115 mph.  This bike we are on our "millionth" engine configuration so it was untested besides some dyno work and it was making some real good power, more then we ever have, internal gear ratios where changed with a modified trans along with final gearing.  First run in the same head/quartering wind as the black BSA the bike started off real strong, even carried a power wheelie with our tall ass gearing in second gear and passed the half mile at 114 mph, when I shifted into high gear it was really hauling until to jumped out of gear and went back into third on its own, I fought with the shifter to keep it in gear but by then we lost all of our momentum that couldn't be regained and the bike passed the one mile trap at 107mph.

On our second and final runs for the day the wind really picked up and started coming straight down the track at around 20 mph, with that wind the chances of us picking up speed from our previous 159 run with the black bike was going to be next to impossible so we used the run to do a real world test on some new surface fire plugs.  On our run just after the half mile mark the bike developed a severe misfire so I backed off the nitrous and coasted through the traps around 137 mph.  Lesson learned, surface fire spark plugs will need some more testing before we can try again.

With the wind still coming straight down the track I jumped onto the orange bike and really gave it hell, hit all shift points and when I reached top gear I held the shifter down with my foot while making myself as small as possible on the bike but we just didnt have the horsepower to break through the 20+ mph head wind and passed the traps at 112 mph.

Unfortunately the rainy and windy weather on Sunday did not allow us to run again so we never got to run the hornet or the black bike again.  We will be praying to the weather gods for good conditions  on our 1.5 mile assault at Loring, Maine in July.