Jud Linder

Hello FTW Co.  
 Was just checking out the ftwco racing site and realized I haven’t sent ya any photos since the race season ended. So I plucked some off my phone that I hope are worthy. pictures are of my 1979 Champion framed 500 Honda turnleft bike, one of me during a race on it, one of my all time favorite pics of me on my shovelhead pealing lines on the shorttrack(this was for cyclesource magazine shoot). Another is of one of my bad ideas on my ktm 950 adventure in the snow, it was a bitch getting back up that hill! Then the last is of the yammy 450 with ice fenders on it when we were shredding the lakes up in Michigan. If you have never ridden on the lakes, make it a point to do so! Some serious fuckin FUN!

Jud Linder 31F