Travis Newbold

FTW Co.,
It was a good weekend here. Drove out to Denver with my xs hardtail and my xs racer and won both my classes at the short track on my monster twin, one class only had two entrants but the other was was the biggest class of the night, had over thirty. I think that was my first ever flattack win so I was stoked. Love Thy Chopper was great. Denver Dan let me drink a bunch of his beer. Good people. riding a bike with out a front brake in the big city was also fun for this country boy. Skids are cool! After the chopper shindig I drove home into the mornin, got up early and rode the honxr650 with all the local dirtbike nutters on our annual anarchy duel sport ride through the San Juan Mountains. This year included angry yelling cagers. No bad crashes or tickets! A road worker tried to take me off my bike with his stop sign. I thought I was in a ninja movie. The cops were called. They never caught us. 250 miles. 14 hours. twisting tarmac. short cuts on the switch backs. block passing subarus. Red Mountain pass was on the discovery channels most dangerous roads. pussies. on the way home we decided to hit some single track where True Grit was filmed. (my back yard sucks, come visit.) shit was greasy and the tree rooted hill climbs were so bad we had to push, pull and drag our steads. On the dark road home I missed a doe my inches! Fucking epic times on two wheels.
The old fart with my leathers is... I dont know. Pikes Peak got postponed to Aug 12th so hopefully he has em done soon. I will call him today and find out what the fuck he is doing.
CHEERS! Newbold 747