Tim Neave

Hey FTW Co.,
How you doing?

Just to let you know, I'm definitely on the road to recovery now. My arm cast will be off in 2 weeks which is good, I'm dying to stretch my arm out again, haha. The collar bone is also doing good, went for another x-ray the other day, it's in-line so wont need any plating, also I have now got loads more movement in it again. 
Went to watch the TT at King's Lynn on Saturday, was good racing, was a killer to watch though! 
The doctors say another 2 months or so until I can ride again.. don't think I can wait that long thought, think I'm going to go to a healing chamber thingy and speed up the spleen healing! Apart from that, I'm like a new'un!
I've attached some cool photos that I have just seen from Round1 at Leicester.