Tim Neave

Sorry I have been a little late letting you guys know about how my trip was to the USA this year, but to be honest, you havn't missed too much as the trip wasn't as successful as hoped!
From day 1 of racing at the mile, the bike was not running correct due to contaminated fuel, we suffered with the trouble caused by it. The more fuel we added, the worse the bike rang! We spend time trying to look for other problems, changed the jets etc... but we didn't think of the fuel stupidly! So that messed up my mile and tt races! The Short Track (day 3 of racing) was rained off, to our dislike, but that gave us a little time to try and sort the bike again - the morning of the short track, we couldn't even get the bike started! Come the morning of the Halfmile (day 4 of racing), Travis Smith, the bike owner got some fresh gas, we drained the tank, and finally got the bike running correctly! I transferred to both of my mains from my heat races (finishing 3rd in the 450 mod class, and 2nd in the open singles class). I finished 10th in the 450 modified main event out of 16 riders, and finished 6th in the open singles main event, again out of 16 riders! So the halfmile was definitely more successful for me!
And that was the trip for me! Still a great experience for me to have my first ride on the mile! I'll be back next year, hopefully for a few months as I will have finished school by then!

I have attached some photos of the trip, and again, thanks for the all the post! Really appreciate it!

Kind Regards,