Garrett Brittenham

Oh boy...

Took me awhile to send you this one. It was not a great weekend for me at the track. Fought with the jetting all week, and the bike was still running crappy. I got a really bad start in the heat race, and on turn 3 I caught the inside peg on turn 3. It threw me off balance, and both wheels lost all traction on me. Somehow I got my left thumb trapped underneath the bars, and it swelled like when a cartoon character gets hit with a hammer. During the crash, I also broke the outside peg somehow, and smashed the tank and bars pretty good. Tore the crap out of my bitchin' FTWCO jersey in the process too.

After all the prep and practice, I ended up racing a total of about 15 seconds.


On the plus side, my kids each came away with trophies. My daughter got first in the 50's, and my son got second in the 60's.