Nick Weimer #495

"So first race was this Saturday. I won both vintage classes after a long battle with my chain.. The crappy snail adjusters wont stay in place. During the heat race I got the whole shot and my bike threw the chain which locked up the wheel coming out if 4, I though for sure someone was gonna nail me but I made it haha. Had a spare chain in the trailer and ended up winning the finals for heavy and medium vintage. In open am I got a bad start but slowly made my way up through the pack (passed about 4 people) and finished 4th. Got home from that race at 2:30 in the morning, got some sleep then had to get up to make the next race at 11. I ended up second in sportsman and first in vintage. Oh and I was the classiest dude at the track with my ftw jersey. That things really comfortable. Next weekends a half mile, last time I was on that I shredded a belt on my rotax  dude to a bad pulley which took out the head. I dont want to be out another $700 so were gonna make sure everything's up to specks. Ill let you know how I make out." 
Nick Weimer 495