Word From Warren

My attention span is only so big, and it's now shifting towards some other fun. The mountains of Montana and Wyoming are beckoning and I will obey their call. It will be strictly a backcountry season this year and readying the fleet is paramount. The local pass is too expensive for what it offers and I would rather spend the meager pay I earn on bike parts. The time I will be spending waiting for the snowpack to build up I have hit the 2-stroke books. I have a dude helping me with the exhaust dimensions and have been pouring over notes concerning weight distribution and suspension. Jeff's post about the fundamentals of suspension was a decent read and helped to solidify some concepts I had rolling around in the empty can I call a brain. I will be fattening up the bike by about 100 pounds in order to keep the wheels planted, and some dyno time was instrumental in figuring out my baseline specs. So it's game on in the library, soon to be followed by full garage season.
See you when the sun sets.
PS: does FTWCO need a snowboard division?