Scott Rounds at Oakland Valley

Got home last night from the last event in the AMA Vintage National
series at Oakland Valley Speedway. Had a great day, my whole family
came out and three of the four of us raced. My sister ran my old XR100
in her first race ever, and my dad (Frank Rounds #39) cleaned up with
a win in the senior 50+ and got a third in the Hot Rod Singles class.
I had intended to spend half the day racing our good friend Leon's
Project Badger (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-Badger/202219923143473)
in the Ironman 750 Brakeless class, but our hopes were shattered by a
non-functioning clutch. I turned a few laps in practice before it went
south, there are photos to prove it. It's a hell of a cool bike, and
I'm already looking forward to giving it another try.
I had better luck with the Yamaha, my usual ride, in the 500 Masters
class. I had a mediocre heat race which put me on the second line for
the feature race. There were about 15 riders in the feature, including
our good friend Nick Weimer and a couple other experts on the front
line. I had a decent start, rode well enough to keep up with the front
of the race, and on the last lap the leader took out the back marker,
in turn taking himself out of the race and putting me in fourth. Nick
Boy ended up in second, which won the overall points series for him,

but I'll let him tell you all about it.
Hope you guys are having at least that much fun. Send me some stickers
if you get a minute; the dumb fucks who stole my bike back in June
took all my stickers off, like they were gonna ride it in stealth mode
or something. Take it easy.

Scott Rounds #12