Nick Weimer at the Empire State Shootout

Aye, So the last vintage race was the 18th. Won the 500 masters class points, took second or third in the Hot Rod singles points, and I think 4th in the 750 masters points. Then raced my first half mile last week. Did ok, just ok. Ended up 4th in the vintage class and shredded the belt on my Rotax in the first lap of the final. So I might have taken out the valves and piston knowing my luck (rotax parts aren't cheap, fuck!).
As far as school goes, I don't know, doing pretty good I guess. Taking a welding class and I can make pretty much anything I want as long as I have drawn up plans and its not paraphernalia or a weapon. So I'm gonna start making steel shoes and bike stands. Have a few FTW stickers on my helmet hahaha! Well anyways only about two more races left for the season. Then its ice racing and snowboarding time.
Peace out,
Nick Weimer 495