Good/Bad with Warren M.

IT LIVES!!!!!! Considering the intake never completely closes, I feel like the motor actually running is a huge win. Although, when I was thinking it through, I am sure glad that we have extra reed petals cause those are the only things keeping the charged air in the crank. The wiring problem was solved when my head finally emerged from my assholes. So, I couldn't wait to start it 'til the next day, my world would have most certainly come crashing down. So I closed the garage door and started kicking. The cocktail of pre-mix, gasoline and engine assembly lube produced an overwhelming cloudy cornucopia that filled the garage within seconds, but we were in the middle of a heat cycle so there was no shutting her down, just grab the mask an hope to survive. I'm kinda surprised/alarmed that my neighbors didn't call the fire department considering the smoke bellowing out of my house. I think they secretly want my shit to burn down, dicks. Anyways, the van has also had it's chicken resurrected at least until it comes up with another diabolical plot to quash my hopes and dreams. So everything is in order (knock on wood) but there are still several weeks and several hundred miles to cover till the salt, so we'll see what develops.
(4 days later)
Yeah, thats my hand. Small accident at work turned into a few hours at the Belgrade Urgent Care Clinic. With a little under 3 weeks 'til race day and a ton of tuning to do, I now have 13 stitches and one broken finger. Now things are a little complicated. It hurts a bit, but what concerns me is getting my gloves on to wrench and race. I should be healed in time but to be safe I have Dylan on standby as the pinch-hitter. Lessons learned: make sure your best friends are about the same size as you, so when they have to be you, they can fit into your tight leather suit. Im sure there is another lesson to be learned but one a day is enough for me.
Warren Matthews