Newbold PBR650

Gettin' ready for Pikes Peak Hill Climb here so I'm about as happy as a dog in a hub cap shop. With my 450 all dropped and done up for the hill I decided to pop the race cherry on my '03 XR650 and race a two hour WERA Hairscramble in Montecello, Utah. Ain't raced a 650 since my Baja adventures and I thought it would be fun just to see the looks I get on the starting line with a pro number and a license plate. Ended up doing purdy darn well and got 4th. Kinda like when you take a fat girl out on a date. No expectations but you know when the lights go out its gonna be fun! Ok, nuff of that. Kill the trees, destroy the berms, and fist pump the shit out of the dude booter. Happy Trails, Newbold 747

P.s. my buddy Mick Dundy took these pics, hence the PBR can in the berm in the middle of b.f.e.