WTF happened to FTWCO racer Michael Snell ?

Well let's just say it sucked, I was hit by a car Aug 29th, it turned left in front of me. I have been racing since 1992 and have never broken a bone. Go figure I get hit 3 blocks from home at 15 mph. I have blown a motor at Daytona on the bank at 150 mph with no problems
I broke by femur, it was hanging out of my body. My left leg from the knee up is pretty much plated to the max. I broke my arm, wrist and foot. I fractured my head and ribs. I severed nerves in my head that caused loss of hearing in my left ear. They went to my neighbors looking for family saying I was dead LOL. I am still recovering, I am up and walking. It took a month alone to be able to crawl upstairs to my bed. It took 3 days of rest after the first time I did it, but everyday is better. Needless to say it made the race season extremely short to non-existent. The Dr. says my leg will be stronger than ever with the plates so I am looking forward to getting back out there soon.
Now for the upside . Let's face it, there a dudes that have it much worse and I am hear to live the dream. So what now? I am racing again, it's in my blood. We are working on the bike this weekend. If the rural roads are clear we will test the Buell Superbike this weekend. If all goes well we will go to Hallett (Tulsa ) soon for some real test and tune. I am not sure how the leg will react but I am certain it will be ok by season open or close to it. The economy has taken a toll on both Super Moto and Super Bike schedules. Another good point from the wreck, outside of 4 months of contemplating what's really important, I lost 40 pounds. Never a bad thing for racing.
What does 2011 bring? My mind moves faster than a pro fuel bike. I am racing, I need to back it in and wheelie out. I am just not done. I am going to work on my new Pan Shovel , work on creating a scene in St. Louis , try to organize a run.

See you at the Dice party this year.
Michael Snell