Word from Warren Matthews

Yo dudes, its full-on garage season up here in Montana! Still no big breaks in the engine-design department but serious moves are being made on the chassis.
A good friend welded up some tabs on the fork socks and thus begins the task of streamlining. Several new rules have been enacted governing the use of streamlining in "open class" vehicles and so I am pretty limited in options. In the class I am gunning for (A-AG 500) I have to have 210 degrees of front wheel showing and cannot cover up any of the back rim, nor can i have anything extend rearward of the tire. In addition, any rear fairing section cannot be 5" higher than the seat and my ass must be visible from the back. Okay fine. The fun part is that I get to make the fairings, but I really have no business handling any substance as sticky as resin. Moving on...
I got a sweet banana seat! It should add at least 3-4hp and more importantly, it's super cozy. In order to use it and get my profile lower I had to make the shock reservoir a remote one. A hack-saw and some Harley brake fittings made it an easy job. Also, in the rule book, its stated that my seat needs to be below the tire-line; looks like the 21" will stick around for another season.
Next is to get all the controls to work from farther back and to find a space warm enough to play with epoxy and fiberglass. Later gators!