Well here's a little update after participating in the BUB speed trials. The ol' girl didn't blow up despite my best efforts. You just can't kill an old Jap motor with points. Got it up to 141 mph at the end of the week. I did adjustments after every run from 117 mph up. Everything from jetting and sprockets to hackin' the headers down and funneling air into the fuel tank. (old fire extinguisher)  All and all it was a fun experience. Probably the most boring racing I ever have done but perhaps the most interesting. If i can build my old '79 GS1000 to go scary fast then I shall return to this most holy place of salty speed. That place was flat. And salty. Its margarita time. Happy trails. -747
PS- I just saw this crazy dude on the side burn blog with a cool t shirt. Cool lookin dude. Nice shirt. braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!