Newbold 747 Hare Scrambles

Well, last weekend was the final round of the WEBE Hairscramble Circuit and I came in almost tied in points with Keith Johnson. Yeah, that arenacross champ dude Keith Johnson. About an hour and a half in my masterlink broke, never lost the clip, just fucking broke in half. I said a lot of loud fucks and shits and a bunch of other stuff into the epic tree infested forest and watched as Keith raced on by my new spectating point. Lost the championship. Bummer. Purdy shur I got 2nd, though, and for a broke, cheap beer drunkin' hand rolled smoker from the  novice ranks of Bum Fuck Colorado I'm purdy damn happy with that. This is only my second year in the pro ranks. Next year I'm gonna put the smack down on all the rich bitches that line up on the front row. No disrespect to Kieth, he is a really cool dude and to lose a championship to him is mighty fine in my book. It was an awesome mountain wooded race. Epic course.
Happy trails. Newbold 747