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Guzzman on Belgian Vintage Racing

Sorry for the delay (read lack of pics-posting and explanation) , I've  been quite busy lately wrenching on the bikes. Our second track weekend  for the Belgian competition is in our back pocket.
First one was on the Superbiker Track of Mettet. Only 3 of us went there due to too much work-load that had to be done on a couple of the bikes.

But most important, all went well, and all of us passed the test of the first race of the season, because mostly during wintertime we up-grade our bikes and sometimes we try something different to go faster (other gearings , faster engine , lighter weights) which sometimes leads to early pits-stops or drop-outs of the race. But now on the second weekend of full throttling and asking the maximum of the bikes , some of us have some homework to do before the next meet-up on the last weekend of August in Gedinne (Belgium).

Everything went stunning 'til the last session on Sunday evening. The Xs sidecar started on the 19th starting pos. and ended on the  14th position (of 35) with a broken gearshift axle, which relays that the engine went up in a too high rev zone ... meaning  “something tickles in the engine” , NO GOOD though. We'll see what comes up !!!@#$%^&!!! The XS “Destiny”  messed us up , because our buddy Julio went on his side in the last round on Sunday, just in front of our base camp view ... all panic @ the disco I may say , when you see an amigo go down just in front of you. Knowing he went from 17th starting-position on Saturday (25 starters) to 7th position all the way on Sunday , and then in that last fuckin' round , BAMMMM by accelerating  in the outcome of a right-hand turn ... damn that shit !!!. Our hombre is fine , except a broken finger (just a bit of race-tape to tape it in ) , but the adrenaline heals a lot of damage , doesn't it ?

Geert (yellow Beemer) , did very well , he ended up on the 10th position in the unlimited class , same class as Julio .

Jeff (Duc) , did an impressive session for his first time he went on competition in the 750cc class ... he ended up in 17th  (31 starters).

The rest of our riders did very fine in the parade and – post class , who don`t do competition.
And me, last but not least , as usual helped out  where ever  I could , from wrenching on the bikes, filling-up with secret cocktails of fuel etc. up till holding the umbrella to give the guys some shade where needed. Hopefully I can do some racing again in the near future , cause of my crushed ankle from 3 years ago (due to a heavy traffic accident on my daily bike). So all I can do to make my buddies comfortable within my power ,while racing  their beloved racers.

Again thx for all sponsoring .
Yellow Beemer  -Geert
Blue and red Duc  -Jeff
white and red XS and orange Laverda – Julio
The side-car – Kenny and Stijn
From the rest I ain`t got pics yet , soon to come.
And me , I`m the big guy with glasses holding the umbrella , for now that is ...
I`ll keep ya posted ...

Cheers Guzzmen (Nico)