Update from U.K. FTW rider Anthony Brown:
April 16
Love the FTWCO stuff and what you guys are doing. I got a couple of your Tees already. I (me and my buddy geoff) build and race FT bikes in the UK and Europe plus  I ride some enduro and Rally Raid.  Anyways here are a couple of shots of my FT Bike (Garage Built Framer) running your stickers. I would be a privilege to send you some pictures and race reports from the UK scene. I am not a front runner just a guy who loves all sorts of MC sport. The more my life is like On any Sunday the happier I am.
May 10
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys just got back from racing in Croatia.
Anyway the rally was great fun 1300 kms over 4 days riding pretty much all off road. The whole area is pretty much still littered with mines from the bosnian war which makes your navigation more important than normal. The countryside is really great and the terrain is really pretty harsh. I made a major mistake on day one by failing to stop at a check for which I picked up a one hour penalty that pretty much put me out of the rankings so for the rest of the race I was pretty relaxed and enjoyed the ride.
We had some great special stages which included a timed section up to the peak of one of the local mountains at around 2000m. The track was all in gravel with about 50 hairpins. Hope to have some shots from that soon as it was great fun hanging the back out on every corner. The 1300 km on the bike combined with 4200 km in the van means I should be pretty tired at work this week. It was great to get out in the hills with the locals would have loved to spend some more time getting photos of the now deserted village's its kinda creepy though.
 I love the solitude of rallies they are just like a super long enduro but you concentrate so hard for such long periods of time everything else fades into insignificance. Navigation was really tricky so we were out around 10 hrs a day.
 Anyway the Flattrack season really kicks off over here next weekend so I will get some reports out to you guys over the next few weeks. FIrst week in june we are back into europe for a 1000m track in the czech republic. Cant wait