Dave Hopkinson

Things have been incredibly busy here pretty much since last October. Taking on the new project and working with Leon has been quite a task. Its a big concern, Kawasaki are involved but its still done on a relatively small budget and I'm the only guy building Leons bike. Its been tough but the pay off in podiums is coming. Despite the massive crash at Oulton Park last month we're still leading the British championship which is a special place to be. Up to the crash we'd had 5 podiums out of 6 races including 3 wins.

The work load has caught up on me though. Probably had a total of 7 days off since Christmas. I fell pretty ill leading up to the race weekend at Oulton. Got rushed in to hospital the week before. Turned out my Gall bladder had packed up and had to come out. I had surgery the Thursday night, checked out of hospital Friday morning and was at the circuit for Friday afternoon. The doctors threw a fit as you can imagine. By the time Leon had crashed and the adrenaline of the weekend had worn off I was pretty fucked. Collapsed for two days at home. Been on the mend since though and feeling better now.

Once I'd recovered a little over those couple of days it was back at it surveying the damage. The bike was gone, completely. I salvaged a hand full of bolts, the dash and the engine. nothing else. The impact was so hard it had bent every single damping shim in the forks. A $100,000 motorcycle and 1000 man hours destroyed thanks to a wire on the Yamaha in front of him not being tied back properly and melting on the exhaust causing it to shut down and Leon to pile in to the back of it at 140mph.

No time to rest though, the roads season is upon us and James Hillier our roads racer had his first International of the year at the North West 200 last week. We had a busy week but came home with a podium and a load of top 10 finishes. In reality for us though we just use it as a test for the big one......the TT which starts a week today.
First though I'm off to Donington for the World Superbikes on Thursday. Leon has asked me to come work for him at Puccetti racing for the weekend. He got a wildcard place with them for Donington. Theyre a factory supported Italian Kawasaki team. Straight from there after the races on Sunday I head for the ferry and on to the Isle of man. I'll get there for 6am Monday ready to start work on my roads Superbike. Its first outing will be that night.

So there you have it. As you can see things are a little hectic but I must admit I'm looking forward to getting to the Isle of man. At least there I cant be pulled from pillar to post. I'm on the island, we're racing and thats it.
Hope alls well with the family? All the best and thanks as always for the support. I've attached some pics for you, should have plenty after the TT.