Team Winks

2016 is starting off successfully, 2 races down with 2 podium finishes and new PB's so we are stoked with that. Got the Triumph dialled in well and will commit to the full Victorian Road Racing Championship round in the hope of placing well in BEARS (British European American Racing and Supporters), we are currently 3rd in the points so that will be the main focus. Will also complete all rounds of the Interclub Road Racing Series Victoria, racing here does not kick off again until late July after which will be flat out until nearly the end of year.
There has been an issue getting the gearbox part for the ZX10R so it is still out of action. Cam has been out on the supermoto occasionally, and is currently doing some tweaks for a track day this week. Due to my lack of patience (or skill) I am no longer interested in the supermoto, so I'm glad Cam actually likes it as it is great to watch.
Dirtbike season is coming up so I am getting the suspension sorted on my old DT175 which currently does not cope well will too much thrashing haha. Cam's XR250 needs major engine work and his DT also needs major handling issues addressed so that will also keep us busy and the decision made which one to keep.
I have attached some pics for you guys, loving your work as always and thanks for your continued support.
Cheers, Simone