Oleg Pianykh

Hey guys,
Sorry it's been so long since I have checked in.  Been busy, but blah blah that is just stupid excuses, I should of emailed more often.
The race season has been busy but overall good so far.  This year I got some support from factory Yamaha, and got on the new 2015 R1.  I have been racing Suzukis for years so its a big change for me but I am excited.  I have relationship with the Yamaha guys since I do all the riding for their commercial shoots for several years now.
Anyways the 2015 R1 is a pretty cool bike.  Completely different than their previous generations.  Lots of trick parts on it, which is a blessing and curse, since the bike has just been barely released all the teams, including us, are still learning about the bike and trying to figure it out (like the tank isnt large enough to finish MotoAmerica races at some tracks).  Also getting parts for the thing is very hard, our engine is completely stock still.  The stock bike comes with all sorts of trick electronics like Traction Control, Slide Control, Wheelie Control, and ABS.  We spent the first couple of days at the track just working on turning that shit off or getting rid of those systems, because they work well for the street or trackdays, but are too intrusive for racing.  There is some cool technology out there now that lets you unlock ECUs, and now we have some race versions of wheelie control and TC which we use and they work well.
Well enough about the bike.  How has my season been. I started off late, we didnt get the bike till end of March so we didnt have much time to set it up.  To stay fresh, I went and raced the teams old Suzuki in a MWGP race in Pahrump in March.  Ended up setting the overall track record there.  Then switched to the new bike.  Was able to win my first two races in Utah on it.  The next round I had some issues, and ended up finishing second. Then went and raced in Colorado and was able to walk away with all wins there too.  Hung out with Carl Sorensen there for a bit, I beleive he sent you a pic of us. Last weekend went really good, got a good set up on the bike and was able to win races in Utah againsts some tough competition.  Up next we are getting ready for some MotoAmerica races.
Hope all is well with you guys.  Like always, love your instagram feed, the bike you guys are working on is bad ass!  
I attached a few pics, feel free to do whatever you want with them.
Thank you again for the awesome moto jerseys and reprinting them to get my name right.