Travis Newbold

Well, my big race of the year is over. I am already planing next year. My practice week went well. I qualified 3rd despite the rule change allowing 550 twins into what was once the 450 class. On race day I beat my best time with an 11:04 and finished 3rd in class, 16th bike and 38th overall. It was a solid run but my only mistake was a jetting miss-calculation leaving my bike to fat to pull top gear near the summit. Had I done a better job of figuring out the air density on race morning I am sure I would have dropped the 6 seconds separating me from my class winner. I watched a rider do a celebratory  peace sign across the finish line and run off the road at speed into a boulder field. No surviving such a crash. It was violent, gruesome and a bit fucked up. Racing the big mountain requires a lot of respect.  It was a very fun week hanging out with Gary Inman, Sam Christmas, Cowboy my preacher, 'Hot Carl' Sorensen and his 69 chevy van that made it up and down the hill all week and all my other friends and family that made it out. This race is amazing and I recommend it to any one who likes to be smacked in the face with speed thrills. 
5 podiums in 7 years. WOO HOO!