Garrett Brittenham

Well… I need to start this e-mail with an apology. It’s been a wild season! With 3-4 bikes to maintain, and lots of travelling, it’s been difficult to take pics to get sent to you guys! I know that’s not a great excuse. Sorry.

That said, I’ve been able to get ahold of some great pro pics to send you guys! This first batch is from the I-70 Series in Kansas. This year we were able to make it to the Goodland, Colby and Hays races, missing Stockton. If anyone out there has ever thought of doing this series, or are just close enough to get to it, GO! Paul Covert puts on a great series, with good crowds and great rider turnout.

So, first night in Goodland, I ended up 2nd in both my classes, losing to fellow Colorado riders in both the 450 AM class and the 30+ class. They were great races, especially the 30+ race where Kamsey Durelle snuck underneath me on the last lap for the win.

In Colby, I got 2nd once again in the Open AM class to Austin Vogltanz, and BARELY held Kamsey off for the win in the 30+ class.

Hays was a toughie. A sticky valve made the bike really tough to start, so I missed practice on what turned out to be a pretty rough track. I got 2nd in the heat race, but in the main I got taken out from behind in the middle of the front straight. Probably was doing 80+ mph at the time, and it was dang painful. Nothing broken, but I was done for the day.

Anyway, on to the pics! Thanks so much for the support FTWCO. You guys rule.

Here’s video of the crash, skip to about 2:20 to see it:

Pics, most by