Tim Neave


I'm so sorry we've not spoken in so long. Round 3 of the championship got cancelled due to rain, so I never sent out a race report, and just recently I've been flat out working on the farm, working some long ours and not had the time to check or send any emails - so I apologise for that.
I've got the new graphics on the bike with the Agrii logo, the bike looks great!

I was racing at Buxton for round 4 of the championship on Sunday. It was a good day and the track was in good condition, considering it never usually is, either bone dry or they've drenched it with the water cart! Haha!
Practice went good and I felt fast, considering it was the first time I had ridden a big bike since I broke my sternum racing grass track 4 weeks prior.
I won all my Thunderbike heats and final on board the Roeder Racing Honda CR500 framer comfortably, pulling a 3/4 lap lead in the 8 lap final. The bike was working awesome, I have to say, better than my Suzuki 450.
My 450 pro class heats were hard, racing against no.1 Ade Collins, my brother Tom and Suzuki team mate Pete Boast in all my races. I finished 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in those races, which qualified me for 6th pick ( 2nd pick on middle row) for the 12 lap final. I made the decision to ride the CR500 framer in the 450 pro final, seen as though I had been lapping fastest on that bike all day, even over a lot of the pro riders. I made a good start and was into 4th after turn 1, after following team mate Pete for 3 laps, I had set myself up and was planning a pass in the next lap, unfortunately, going in to turn 3, the throttle stuck wide open, have to say it was a little scary, especially with it been a CR500, so I had to lay the bike down and bail. I managed to avoid taking Pete out and no injury to me or the bike occurred, but unfortunately I did not finish the race, and now the championship win is looking very unrealistic!
I've attached some pictures, and a video of the final (with the throttle sticking) is to follow shortly on Youtube!