Tim Neave

Hi FTW Co,

Final round of Mablethorpe sand racing championship took place on Sunday.

The day started out great with good weather, I was fastest in practice which set my confidence up... 
I managed to win race 1, just taking it on the last last corner of the last lap.
I also won race 2, taking the lead on lap 2 after passing #62 around the outside and gaining a comfortable lead.
Race 3 and 4, finished 2nd in these two races... #62 had the inside line after making the hole shot... I just couldn't get around the outside of him.
So it was all down to the final race to determine who got the win. #62 managed the hole shot again and pulled away... I chased him hard and got around the outside, cross-rutted and fell off. I layed down and got the race cancelled, then jumped up and rode to the restart (maybe wasn't supposed to, but I had to do it!). 3 laps remained.. I tried multiple lines to make the pass, but couldn't quite manage it! 

Went into the meeting with a 1 point lead, came out 3 points behind.... Didn't quite have the speed, so I finished 2nd in the championship much to my disappointment!
Can't be too disheartened though, as I did miss 3 rounds, whereas #62 made every race. 

I have attached some images, and here is a link to a short video of race 5 - the restart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUZgOW0hCzA 

Kind Regards,