Travis Newbold

I finnaly got my leathers back today! Hombre did a good job stitching them. He says he will give me his paypal acount when he gets around to it. not a real geter done quick kinda guy. Im stoked to go to the hill Monday! Tuesday is tech. wed, thurs, friday are early morning practice and qualifing. sunday is race day. let me know if you think you might make it out and I will scrounge a credential for ya. One more thing you can do with a van is get a lot of free loader freddys through the gates at 3am. I usually have a pretty epic cheering section, except for the year they ate shrooms at 6 am, that was funny. The only two racers that beat me last year did not sign up this year! But Chris Carr did. I cant wait!
Well I think my racing is leading me to loosing another job... so after the hill I think I may be relocating to Denver. maybe you know some one hiring or willing to rent out cheap shop space? I think it is time to open the 747 SPEEDSHOP! to bad im broke. such is life. Must love it.