Hey guys!
Just dropping a line from the OH-10. Raced my first race of the season at a 1/4 mile shorttrack a week ago and did OK with a third in the Main Heavyweight Vintage class, but more importantly got my bike dialed in/set up great.
This Memorial day weekend in Canton,OH was the Classic Flattrack National series at a 1/2 mile peagravel track(my favorite) that I never want to miss! The race usually draws some fast riders from all over, including FTWCO riders Jordan Baber,Trent Bartolotti and Joe Baker! I won my heat in Vintage Open class on my 500 and also my Over 30 heat, so needless to say my confidence was up heading into the mains! I knew I had Baber to deal with in my vintage class(Baker had a mechanical) so I needed to have my shit together after watching Baber tear up the track!(kid is fast!) Got a great jump in the main and it was me and Baber pulling away bigtime on the first lap, and then he washed out in turn 1 or 2 so the race never materialized and I went on to a easy victory! In my over 30 main I got off to a decent start but had some bike issues and had to settle for third in that race just ahead of Bartolotti. Well that's it, and I would have to say FTWCO was well represented at the vintage nationals in Canton,OH!
Pics are from my good buddy Neil Perry.