Jud Linder on the dirt

These are some pics from my last flattrack races. My buddy Neil Perry took these shots. The old greybeard in the one pic is his pops, hell of a guy and wrench! I am like a sponge around him!  Anyways we had a big blowout season ending bash at our motorcycle club called the Lowbrow Holeshot (sponsored by Lowbrow costoms) and it was Fuckin Bitchin! The place was packed!! During the afternoon as I was prepping the track all these old chops and Brit bikes just kept rolling in, man it was just a cool deal! I raced 450 heavyweight on a borrowed bike and did ok, 4th in the main behind Bartolotti (who is in some of these pics) the bike needs some minor tweaks to get it right. Then on my vintage bike I ate shit in the middle of three and four in the heat race so I had piss poor pick for the main but had a kinda of uneventful main and rode like a pussy to another 4th. The bike wasn't shifting right either, could not get off the line! So after the races we hung out and partied a little with the Lowbrow bash and then hit the road at six in the fnnn morning to drive a few hours south to a half mile in Richwood,OH. They had a good turnout it seemed but after my practices I had to call it a day, my shifter shaft was bent all to fuck and my starter drive came loose and pounded the shit outta my flywheel, but it wasn't a total wash. My two buddies got to race their first half mile (Neil who took these photos and Trent Bartolotti fellow FTWCO rider) And I think they had a fucking blast and are hooked! I love being the pusher! anyways I am rambling and my dinner is getting cold. Thanks for the swag this year and I am hoping to keep spreading the FTWCO word throughout 2011. You guys just keep on doing what your doing cuz it fucking rules!!  FTWCO FOREVER