Nico Sleebus

More pictures from Nico at the Belgian Vintage Meets 

Having a cold one with the hombres (the one with the blue cap is “Redneck Stijn”, co-pilot of the side-car)

What a beauty (btw , the prints of the hands are KUSTOM painted by kenny`s little daughters)

 Our Spanish fury Julio Ortis de la Torro, white Xs, next to Geert Van de Gevel, yellow BMW in the unlimited class, who makes everything from scratch and is a real welding wizard, he's  just like the rest of us , always helping out where he can. He's one of our buddies who did a trip on a hardtailed , homemade chopper on a XS base , in one week from Belgium to Portugal and back (5600km), just because some of us made a promise to each other they could make a full hardtailed chopper on XS engine in 5 months and make it to Portugal and back.

 Proud , wearing our colors , even while wrenching ...:) My mate Kenny “The Barber” Van Eeckhout (with the cap) , he`s like a little McGyver  , but then without the swiss knife. As the driver of this vehicle he always has to make sure the “thing” has to go as a spear. And me  throwing in the helping hands (the one with the Ray Bans). The side wheel needed to be fixed again, comes loose every once in a while , too much power I guess …when it does it rubs the  integrated fuel tank in the fender , so no good hmm.

 You`ll get some more from the rest of the bunch after I get back from my 3 weeks holidays with the “Familia”.   Nico