Travis Newbold

Travis Newbold #747 Races Pikes Peak

Holy shit! - I just got back from Pikes Peak Hill Climb. By far the coolest motorcycle race in the states. 156 turns. 9000 ft start, 14100 finish. 12.3 miles. my time: 12:27 very close to the previous class record held by the great Davey Durrell. I took 2nd in the over crowded heavily competitive 450 pro class. A best for me. I am so stoooked! Any body with skills who likes to ride fast should throw on some dirt track wheels and  race Pikes Peak. Too much fucking fun to describe.
I woke up in the back of my van at 3:00 am all week. Wednesday was practice of the bottom section and would also serve as qualifying for grid line up on race day which consist of waves of riders on the minute interval. I took a 3rd fastest time even though good enough for the front row I was blown away by Joe Prussiano. One fuck'n fast Texan. Thursday I took fastest clocked practice time of the middle section, all pavement switchbacks above tree line (12,000ft) and this only being my third asphalt race not including a few super retards, I mean motos. (Dirt trackers eat supermoto squids for breakfast)  Fridays top section practice is always my favorite. 5th gear gravel sweepers to the final stretch of asphalt with endless horizons of Nebraska and Kansas below sight of the outside edge.

Nothing is more fun than holding it pinned deep into the bottomless pit (a corner), pitching the ass end out like a switchblade and holding it wide on the bar stop 5th pinned on the open wheel and stock car created cushion 14k up on the side of "Americas Mountain". Holy fuckin shit dude. Mother mary big baby Jesus holy dude.

Got drunk and enjoyed the day off Saturday.

Race day: Got 4th off the jump, one better than last year. The first three of four corners are instant top speed terrifying full lean through blind pine tree infested arcing asphalt. I got around Edd Tofouha.
 I hit the first dirt section and immediately passed Darrel Luhan in the same damn corner as last year and then followed the psychotic fast as hell Texan Joe Prussiano to the finish. GLORY

My good friend and mentor and 250 class legend Chuck Lee stepped away from his endless string of two stroke success and got a ride on a friends Triumph and had one epic battle with Eddie Moulder to claim the first place in vintage class with a new record over the great Moulder.

 Yours always- #747