Greaser Mike

  Racer Mike Kramer aka Greaser Mike has spent most of his life on two wheels, starting as a kid. He currently lives in NYC and competes in Vintage Flat Track, racing a Champion framed Triumph 500 and a Trackmaster framed Triumph 750. He also owns four street bikes (all classic Triumphs)

  "I race vintage flat track for Sixth St. Specials, a British motorcycle shop here in NYC.   We frequent a bunch of the tracks upstate (Oakland Valley, Indian point Lookout Electric City Riders, etc). My stable of bikes consists of a Trackmaster Triumph 750 Flat tracker, Champion Triumph 500 flat tracker, 68 Triumph chopper, 68 triumph t120 stock restoration and a 1950 Triumph custom that I'm hoping to bring out to Bonneville (if I could get away from the flat trackers long enough to finish it).
 When not risking my life racing flat track I'm apparently competitive eating. Here's me TONIGHT at Buffalo Cantina in Brooklyn NY's Seppuku Challenge. 12 deadly hot wings in under 3 minutes. (very few people have actually completed it) If you win you get a shirt and your photo on the wall. Actually, the guy from man vs. food couldn't even eat ONE WING. Youtube it".
The race photos are all from 5.23.10 at Oakland Valley Speedway in Cuddebackville, NY.

Chicken wings: